Thursday, September 10, 2009

A week later and I'm still VERY irked by this.

OK, sure it's the first time I've posted anything in ages and surely there are lots of other things I should have written about, but here was this article, sitting open in a browser window, and it got me all outraged again.

So, the Harahan (New Orleans suburb) police stopped New Orleans Saints free safety Usama Young for speeding and then arrested him for an outstanding parking ticket? One issued on private property? (Parking in a handicapped zone in a mall parking lot.) And they charged him with "flight from an officer using a motor vehicle" because it took him a half mile to stop? (That's 880 yards, by the way-- less than 9 football fields. Hardly a case of "flight." You do need a little time to find a safe spot to pull over and stop the car.)

Yes, they did.

That's how the Harahan police operate. Maybe the real charge here was driving while black, but I can assure you that anyone is fair game in Harahan. I could tell you a colorful story about how I was shaken down by their court system after receiving a ticket that the cop, himself, admitted I didn't deserve. But who has time for that? Anyway, I've heard tons of Harahan Police stories from all kinds of people so if you've got to go there, don't take a single traffic liberty, no matter how tempting.

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Blogger mominem said...

The day after this happened I was stopped by the Kenner police for not wearing a seat belt, about (:30 in the morning.

12:40 AM  

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