Saturday, March 21, 2009

Look what I got!!!

#1 Hanging Light
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Sure, there's been a lot of "news" happening in my life lately and I haven't blogged anything. So, here's something!

Wonderful synchronicity has returned to my life. Yay!!

There have been quite a few instances of this recently, but the one I'm most excited about tonight involves this fabulous chandelier made of nothing but scrap metal-- mostly nails, washers and nuts. (You've really got to see this thing in person to appreciate it.)

A couple of weeks ago I went to see a movie with a friend that I've been hanging around with a lot lately. We had time to kill before the film started, (at Canal Place, for you locals), so we went cruising around the building and found an exhibit of some very cool items made of reclaimed materials. We noticed that they were eventually being auctioned but didn't note the details.

So, tonight, we had plans to see Ché Part 1 at Canal Place (for you locals) and were going to the 7:00 PM showing. Around 4:00 PM, my friend called and asked if we could switch to the 9:50 PM show because he was running behind with things and so was I, so no problem. We decided to meet up a little early and when purchasing our tickets noticed some affair taking place in the adjacent area. We decided to check it out and see if, perhaps, we could casually cruise around and maybe grab a cocktail, No one was at the registration table so we were able to slip in without incident and immediately realized that the very cool objects d'art were being auctioned and the chandelier that enchanted me two weeks earlier was on silent auction. The movie was starting in 10 minutes and the bidding was ending in 20. I rushed over to get a bidding number and then lurked around the item waiting to pounce while my friend went to stake out our spot in the theatre.

Finally, I bid $50 more than the highest bidder but the auction people didn't pick up the bid sheets right away, so I sheepishly implored anyone who looked interested in the item to please, please, pleeeease not outbid me. And no one did!!

The best thing about this chandelier -- other than its consummate coolness-- is the fact that because of it, I am now absolved of all of the lighting compromises I've had to make to get this house finished. I can now buy the fixtures that I perceive as cliché with impunity. This is a big deal, as the lighting decisions have been a big hang-up for me and are probably the biggest thing standing between me and the final electrical inspection.

So that's one more thing (of many), that I'm grateful to this particular friend for doing. He wanted me to see the first film on the night we first saw the chandelier, (he'd already seen the film), and it was his idea to postpone tonight's movie> Had we not caught the late show and arrived early with time to kill, (again, his idea), the whole stroll-in-and-bid thing would not have happened.

I am the owner of the fabulous chandelier! Happy? Oh, yes, I am!

Oh, and in other news, (kinda old news now, but in case you haven't heard), Renard and I broke up after 7 years together.

I'll take better, more detailed pictures of the chandelier once I have my hot little hands on it. Or you can check out the ones I just found, like this one on Flickr (I can blog it but can't link to to it-??), part of a whole set of pictures of it. You can also check out all the other cool items auctioned at the Green Project's Salvations 2009 event. The fork and knife bench went for $1000. My chandelier was a real steal.

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