Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tonight I Do the Krewe du Vieux. (Not that way!)

PAN Poster 2008
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After a handful of stints as an "undocumented marcher" in the Krewe du Vieux during the early 1990s, I am at long last a naturalized member.

It started with the debut of the Mystic Corpse of Comatose in 1991. The krewe was formed in response to the old-line carnival organizations' response to Dorothy Mae Taylor's Mardi Gras Ordinance. I'm not sure if this krewe was actually official at that time, but our proclamation based on the old-line krewes' reactiont to the ordinance is a real classic. I dressed as Miss Piggy Wilson, in honor of the old-line krewes' closest ally on the city council.

After that, I was part of the original Krewe du Jieux (that's pronounced "Jew" for you foreigners), which formed out of the New Orleans Klezmer Allstars entourage. I was managing this band back then and if you get your hands on the first CD, look inside and you'll see a tiny picture of me dressed as a hassdic guy, complete with beard and payos (side curls).

So tonight I make my official KdV debut with the Krewe of PAN, which I am delighted to report has the absolute most esoteric theme of any sub-krewe. Fellow krewe members have taken care of the important details for me. Adrastos explains PAN's theme in this post and Ashley gives a lesson on how to identify a relevant carnival krewe.

I'm looking forward to hitting the streets tonight with these fellow blogging PAN members and their wives and the gaggle of other NOLA bloggers in other sub-krewes. (Ashley links to some in his post.)

If you're local, dress warmly and come see us!

Oh, and I'll respond to those comments in the last post soon. (And no, I cannot define "soon" with any accuracy right now. Sorry.)

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Anonymous adrastos said...

Glad you marched with us, sweetie. Grace took some funny shots of you talking to Alex on your cell.

3:48 PM  
Blogger LisaPal said...

Oh, thanks for having me.

I had a BLAST!

I think the kids would have missed me (and I, them), if I hadn't made that call during the lull. We were flying most of the time.

1:21 AM  
Blogger scrimp said...

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