Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Do You Know This Pain?

"'People are fighting over food and water, and the lack of electricity and running water are making life in the city impossible,' said Martha Lilia Lopez, who has been handing out food to victims on behalf of a nonprofit foundation she heads. Many in Tabasco remained camped out on the rooftops or upper floors of their flooded homes to guard their possessions from looters, but their resolve was running out — along with water, food and other supplies. 'We spent days without food. We thought we were going to die,' said Marta Vidal, 47, who was taken to safety by helicopter." From: The Associated Press: Food, Water Scarce in Mexico Floods

Do you know this pain? Or have you the fortune to have been spared of the experience of a natural disaster, its aftermath, and the struggle to save and rebuild the beloved place you call home. In either case, the reasons to reach out to your brothers and sisters in Tabasco should be crystal clear.

Whether it's out of empathy or from a sense of gratitude for what others did for you in your time of need, or out of gratitude for what you've been spared, please reach out now to the members of our human family in Tabasco. They need our help. So let's not turn our backs on each other in this time of need.

Please visit this link and check out the links to organizations providing aid to the region that are listed down the right side of the page, My friend Schroeder has seen firsthand the work of Save The Children in Central America and to them he gives his endorsement; that's good enough for me. Now, you choose one ... or more than one, and answer the call!

Pay it forward...

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Blogger *^* said...

Thanks for the link, heres the list.

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Karen said...

Thanks Lisa..we can feel the pain cause we are still living it.


1:04 PM  

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