Monday, December 25, 2006

See the Grazing Mule Before Us...

December 25, 1972
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...fa, la, la, la, la, etc.

Merry Christmas to all of you inclined toward celebrating this day or whatever else you may be celebrating at this time of year.

Blast From Christmas Past

Last night I found this piece of paper while putting something in my mother's attic. It was written on Christmas day of 1972. I was 10 years old. I still remember that purple loose leaf paper-- a 1972 classic which I also had in blue, green, yellow and orange.

The first sentence is a quote by Antoine de Saint Exupery. I guess at 10 years old I didn't know about citing sources, but unlike some of my students, I knew that different ideas should be separated into different paragraphs and I spelled most of my words correctly, (without benefit of a spell-checker.)

What Love and Reality Are

Love is not two people looking at each other but two people looking in the same direction. Another vertion [sic] of love is a strong liking of something.

Reality is something true to one's mind or material. I think things in a person's mind could possibly be brought to reality.

On the second half of the page, I begin a chronicle of the holidays with the kin-folk in New Iberia, LA. On Christmas night, I claim to have been hanging out with my older cousin (which I do remember), shooting fireworks, drinking wine, and not going to bed until after 2:30 AM.

After reading it I am left with two thoughts:

Not much has changed. (Pondering the nature of love and reality, drinking wine, not going to bed at a "reasonable" time...)


Where the hell were my parents???

I find myself asking this question a lot when I reflect on my childhood. I can tell you this much: no way in hell will my 10 year old daughter be hanging out with the teenagers, drinking wine and staying up until 2:30 AM. At least not while I live and breathe. I think my mom and dad were over the whole parenting thing by the time I came along (surprise!) almost 12 years after their first two (planned) children. I was always around people a lot older then I was and never fit in with kids my own age.

It's funny to look at Rachel on this day, one month older than I was on Christmas day of 1972, and realize that she is at the same stage of life I was when I wrote the things on this page. In a lot of ways, she's just like me. But she's still got a lot more kid in her than I did at that age. Still, I'm looking forward to her first essay on the nature of love and reality.

Enjoy your day!


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