Monday, October 30, 2006

Yeah, I Know...

Shame, shame on me! So many unanswered comments on that last post, so much time passed since then, too. What can I say?

I haven't had a lot of recreation time to spend on the Internet lately. Too much going on on this end. Here's the short list:

  • Though I've neglected to mention this, I am back at UNO, teaching three classes. The confirmation came at the 11th hour, which meant a lot of work to do at the last minute. And a lot of my materials are in the disarray that is my house, my still uninhabited house. I can't find things I need, which means more work to find substitutes. I've also been spending a lot of time in Grading Hell. I'm there by my own doing, so I shouldn't complain. I have more to say about life at UNO these days, but I'm going to have to save it for later.
  • I've dismissed the jerky lawyer that was handling my insurance case, the one who was the brother of a certain elected official at the state level. I have recounted certain details of my dealings with this guy to various blogger friends but never posted about it here because, well, he's a jerky lawyer and surely I'd end up paying for that somehow. Suffice it to say that I've got a much better guy now, and I've been spending lots of time doing things to help move this house and insurance business along. And still miles to go before I sleep. But at least we're making progress where there was little before.
  • I've spent a whole lot of time in the last month in my unpaid job as Renard's Mac Tech Support Demi-Goddess. Okay, I do get lots of gratitude and the job has a few other nice perks. Yep.
  • Then there's Mom. Mom's been sick and ended up needing surgery for gall stones. There was a little complication and she ended up being in the hospital longer than anticipated, but she's back home now and getting better every day.
  • In general, there have been a ton of the kinds of tasks that are time-consuming and annoying to have to deal with, but you have to deal with them anyway. Like errors on bills, broken cell phones, moving my office to the slightly bigger one next door, and a zillion other such things.
Right now I really should be grading assignments and finishing my prep work for tomorrow's classes. But I couldn't ignore the requests for an update any longer.


Blogger Ray in New Orleans said...

Yay! You're back.

See you in a month.

8:57 AM  
Blogger muse said...

Glad to see you! :) Though I totally understand about being super busy, having done more than one disappearing act myself... lol

Congrats on teaching again!

I hope your mom gets well soon!

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew things were still bad in New Orleans, it wasn't too long ago that we moved away. Thanks for sharing these posts, I feel as though I left a part of my life, a piece of my heart down there as well.

Best of luck.

8:39 AM  
Anonymous adrastos said...

We missade ya, dawlin. See you Saturday?

11:07 AM  
Blogger LisaPal said...

Well done, Ray. Now you know that I'll have to post before then. But I'm guessing that I'll be seeing you on Saturday, too. That's right, Mighty Adrastos, I will be there, with drums and mosquito repellant on. Say a little prayer that the nice fresh blisters on my hands heal by then. (I spent Sunday afternoon digging up an archaic brick patio in Renard's yard that had been buried for years under about 4 inches of mud and gravel.)

Thanks, Muse. No matter how long you're gone, you're never forgotten and it's always a happy day when you return. It's kinda nice to know that it's a reciprocal deal.

Humpty Dumpty, thanks for your comment. I read your posts and I can relate to the frenetic state of life and the frustrations you feel, not to mention your ways of (not) coping with them. I've experienced the same things, and I can particularly relate to the kids being pokey in the morning and the letters from school about the tardiness. And I only have two! I can't imagine having four, and close in age at that.

5:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks, that's sweet of you to say. i'll be back to check in on new orleans, especially after the elections. should be interesting.

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Sophmom said...

I'm right there with you. I can barely drag myself around the internet to check on others, much less eek out a post. Life gets in the way sometimes. *sigh*

8:31 AM  
Blogger Richard said...

Welcome back and congrats on teaching again, I'll have to take a bit of effort to scrounge up some marketing links for you. I have been absolutely buried. The new responsibilities at work have been squeezing 45 - 50+ hours, and my Grad class is crushing me with more work in a single class than I ever did in a full class load as an undergrad! oh yeah some where in there I have my family. I'm doing my meager posting at 12 am to 1 am after I finish homework.

6:34 PM  

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