Friday, August 04, 2006

Fresh From the Rumor Mill

Today, while out procuring "product" for my hair, I was treated to the musings of a salon patron and her hairdresser regarding the usual abominations of life in New Orleans in general and of the mayor (C. Ray Nagin, for you foreigners who might not know), in particular.

Where the hell is he? He just disappears and there's no hide nor hair of him, then he pops up for a second, then he disappears again.

At first I thought about how good it was to see that it wasn't just the bloggers who noticed this. (Forgive me if I should know that the average (wo)man on the street has been talking about this, too, but you have no idea how bereft of contact with actual people my life has been, mother, kids, boyfriend and a handful of bloggers notwithstanding.)

Anyway, my mind immediately began to entertain itself with images of a Whac a Mole game with that shiny head popping up from this hole and that one. I bet lots of us would find a great deal of therapeutic value in such a game. It would be called See*Ray*Nagin? but I'd have to cut Ashley in on the deal as credit for the pithy name, because I first saw it here.

Anyway, I was jolted from my playful little reverie when I heard the patron inform the stylist that the reason we don't See much of Ray is because he's been busy writing a book. I've heard people rumble about the likelihood that El Hombre will do such a thing (surely with a ghostwriter, but it would be a much more entertaining read if written in his own words, man), but since this woman chose to say it without equivocation, I thought I'd just lay it on ya.

Now, I'm off to do my usual weekend disappearing act for the next 24 or so hours. Maybe I'll see some of you out at SatchmoFest, weather permitting.


Blogger Schroeder said...

Ha! *That* is hilarious. You continue to surprise and impress me Lisa.

So are you a Photoshop wiz too? Or do those skills just come with Mac ownership?

3:46 AM  

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