Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Everybody's Busy

Lawd, lawd! Y'all are some prolific bloggers! (Y'all is not an expression I tend to use, but it's so endearing when Adrastos does it, that I though I'd go ahead and throw y'all a couple. Adrastos is also responsible for the amusing picture to your right.)

I haven't been able to get much time at the computer lately. Too many distractions and things going on around here. And on top of it, I'm fighting a sinus infection, probably compliments of the head and chest-congested Alex, who I had to schlep to the doctor and then to Children's Hospital so a pathologist could try to identify the entity that he expelled from his lungs this morning. It was a really creepy looking thing which I'll resist describing so as not to gross you all out. Suffice it to say that in all my former days of working as a clinical research coordinator on tons of upper and lower respiratory infection clinical trials, I have never seen anything like this thing. He named it Eduardo. The doctor was kinda perplexed but I have a theory on what it may be (and I tend to have pretty accurate diagnostic superpowers for someone who never went to medical school.) My gut (which is also pretty trustworthy) agrees that it will turn out to be nothing of significance... uh... even though the man-child just walked in here and showed me that he's now broken out in a rash all over his arms, chest and back. But he feels much better than he has in the last three days. (???)

In the meantime, everyone's been posting like crazy and I have a splitting headache and Rachel on my left shoulder. I've been light on the posting and commenting, but assuredly heavy on the reading.

Now, all you folks that aren't in making the regular New Orleans blogger circuit, you really should check out what my pals here have been posting (some not so recent, but very much worth a read. I know. I should have linked to these earlier. But you know how it goes with me, and the road to hell and all that.) I especially appeal to the Deeply Beautiful Bloggers who live far away from here to read the posts below. Come peek in our window.

Ashley Morris has a post about why it's so damned hard to get a seat on a flight into or out of New Orleans. And there's lots of other fun stuff over there, too.

Loki at Humid City informs us that The Federal Emergency Management Agency prohibits journalists from having unsupervised interviews with Hurricane Katrina victims who have been relocated to FEMA trailer parks. Editor B considers putting the policy to the test and follows up with a link to FEMA's response to the recent press.

Oyster at Your Right Hand Thief has made the Big Time with his first post on After the Levees over at TPM Cafe. He apologizes to Vice President Cheney for being a "distraction" to the mission in Iraq.

Gentilly Girl will tell you what the N.O. Mayor (yes, it just as well be NO mayor whatsoever) has planned to commemorate the one-year anniversary of The Storm. Maitri has some better ideas about what we should do with the day. So does Markus over at Wet Bank Guide. Also weighing in: Dangerblond.

Though it may inflame you, go visit The Po' Blog and read the horrific story about how our State Atorney General has charged a doctor and two nurses who stayed behind under horrific conditions to tend to the sick and dying at Memorial Hospital, in a badly flooded area of New Orleans, with murder. Then follow up with Adrastos' posts 1, 2, and 3 for a full analysis.

AllState is screwing Michael Homan, and he'll tell you why that makes the stock a good buy. Schroeder elaborates further.

There's a lot of good reading in these posts. They'll help you understand us better and perhaps will inspire you to come on down her next month for the Rising Tide Conference. We need you, so get involved. We've got the Rising Tide Wiki all set up with lots of info. Please check it out and consider coming down.

The Ambien is really kickinh ion niw...Goodnight.


Blogger Schroeder said...

You better save that thing Alex hacked up, and get it down to the mayor's office ASAP. I think that might be the 100-day plan to rebuild New Orleans he seems to have lost.

7:59 AM  
Anonymous adrastos said...

Hey, a sputum post. It's a first...

11:43 AM  
Blogger LisaPal said...

Indeed, Schroeder, given the plans lack of substance, Alex could have easily aspirated it.

Adrastos, I was trying to avoid using the
*s* word, but hey, somebody's got to blaze a new trail every now and then.

5:18 PM  
Blogger Donnie McDaniel said...

That pic is priceless.

2:16 AM  

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