Friday, February 03, 2006

Enough is Enough!

Renard Surveys Tornado Damage
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How much more of this are we going to have to take?? Haven't we had enough???

Thursday morning the phone rang at 3:00 AM, during a severe thunderstorm that was speeding through the area at a fast 55 MPH clip, packing high winds, heavy rain and an amazing amount of lightening. It was Renard on the phone, asking if we were okay. He was shaken and confused because, while standing at the sink washing his face after a gig at the Maple Leaf, all the lights went out and the windows started breaking. After regaining his composure, he looked outside and saw that his car, his dad's car, and his van had been moved from the places where they'd been parked and all the windows had been blown out on them as well. He thought there may have been an explosion somewhere. But I knew that tornadoes make windows pop like that, and given the weather, that was the most likely explanation.

In New Orleans, we are no strangers to severe weather, and severe weather often comes with tornado watches or warnings. But I don't recall any tornados actually having touched down in the city in my lifetime. That changed the night before last, when this line of severe thunderstorms spawned several tornadoes which touched down in the metro New Orleans area.

Note: An article about the tornadoes appeared in today's local paper reporting that the last time it happened was 24 years ago, but I don't remember that. There are more pictures from the article here.)

Renard and his son have been living in his parent's house since Katrina. (His dad passed away a few months after the storm and his invalid mother has been living in Houston with his sisters.) One of last night's tornadoes tumbled down his street damaging his house and severely damaging his aunt's house next door. (It took part of her roof with it.) The neighborhood is a mixture of residential and industrial buildings and, fortunately, a factory took the brunt of the F1-rated twister, but nonetheless, there was an enormous amount of damage in the area. The airport and part of Lakeview, where there is already so much destruction are among the other areas damaged by these tornadoes.

So now, Renard and many others get to call their insurance companies again to file new claims for houses that hadn't yet been repaired from Katrina's damage.

When is this going to end???


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Appropos to nuthin', some homes were in Dubai last week. A hodge podge of Nevilles, Meters, studio cats--Ivan was here. They didn't say who the drummer was. Was it Willie?

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