Saturday, September 03, 2005

Katrina Prediction- Did Anyone Else Notice This?

According to my stats, someone from Apopka, FL (no, I've never heard of it either) went directly to the archived page of the post I wrote back in late June, offering belated birthday wishes to Richard, pi and Kevin. At the end of the post, I wrote about a strange and vivid dream that I had. I quote from that post here:

Kevin, by the way, is the most recent blogger to make a guest appearance in one of my dreams. He was just hanging out and having a cocktails with a few newly acquired friends while sitting up on top of some monkey bars in the French Quarter, (New Orleans -and by bars, I mean the metal kind that you climb, not the kind usual associated with the FQ- this is a dream, remember?), as the river and lake rose, breached their levees and began to flood the city. I saw him as I floated by on what had only moments earlier been my office in the Business Administration Building on UNO's campus, but had now turned into a luxury houseboat.

Dreams can be such fun, but now that hurricane season is here, I hope this is not some portent.

Score one for me, though I truly wish I had been wrong. I can’t explain this, nor prove it, but I knew this was going to happen this year. It wasn’t a conscious thing, but somewhere under the surface, I felt it. And in many ways, I did behave as if I knew it.


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