Thursday, September 01, 2005

I'm So Very Moved. Thank You All So Much

Wow. I read your comments after I posted the last post and now I'm all choked up. Muse, I am exactly like you. It's incredibly difficult for me to ask anyone for help. But the money is running out quickly. I have been underemployed for the last few years waiting for UNO to make good on their expressed intention to employ me full time. I looked at it as a short term sacrifice for a long-term payoff. But the payoff didn't come as planned this year and I was expecting the clinical research work to initiate this month. Everything has changed now and I don't even know if I'll get the child support that I depend on from Rachel's dad, who lives in a million dollar property high on a hill on the Big Island of Hawaii. He hasn't bothered to even inquire as to whether or not she's OK, much less if she needs anything. How sad. But I digress.

You all are so wonderful to make this offer. I humbly accept. Given the circumstances, I will swallow hard and give you my PayPal account info, with my head bowed in deep gratitude.

My e-mail address for PayPal (in case there are problems with this link) is lisa (at) If anyone has the AOL connection mentioned in the last post, you can e-mail me there, too.

I also want to say hello to Thomas, a friend and close neighbor. Tom, I knew you were out of town and glad to know that you're OK. I think we're not really flooded badly, if at all, but I have no idea about looting or wind damage. (The closer to the river, the better, which gives you a few blocks advantage over me.) Who knows...maybe we'll end up in California. I got your post card. Are you back down there yet?

Thanks again to you all. I've got to do something with these kids besides watch disaster coverage and type on this machine.


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