Friday, September 02, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Refugee Report #3- 21st Century Diaspora

We the people of the Crescent City are being dispersed like the tufted seeds of a dandelion, blown by hurricane-force winds. Families, friends and loved ones are split up and flung hither and yon. We're all trying to figure out where and how to find each other and where to go. My sister can't accommodate everyone. My mother will be moving into a townhouse with my dad's cousin in New Iberia, LA. I'm not sure where my brother and his family will go, but I think they're staying in Lafayette. I have friends who have ended up in Georgia, California, Texas, Tennessee, Illinois and who knows where else. No one knows at this point if they'll be able to stay where they are or if they'll have to move again. I lost communication with Renard on Monday, At that time, he was safe at the hospital where his critically ill father has been for the last few weeks. He had to bring his own food and water and I have no idea how he's holding up or if they've been evacuated. I have no idea where he is now will go for the long haul. When will I see them all again?


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