Monday, September 05, 2005

Greetings from Virginia

We are here and slowly getting settled in. This is all so surreal. I can't post the way I'd like because our hosts only have dial-up available and do not have call waiting on their phone, so I have to use AOL and their computer to "hit and split." The unexpected delight on this end is that the weather is actually getting cool. Chilly at night, but we only have clothing for HOT weather.

Thanks so much to those of you who have made PayPal donations, particularlyMuse and Emily, who have been extraordinarily generous. There is about $350 in the PayPal account right now and I have no idea what is left in the account to which it's linked because my bills are automatically drafted and no deposits are being made with no work happening. I hope my automatic drafts have been suspended. Because of the storm, I can't log into my account to find out. My bank is one of the few local banks left after the massive gobbling up of small banking instatutions in New Orleans by larger institutions. So, it looks as if I will have to open a bank in Charlottesville and link it to PayPal in order to withdraw the funds.

I plan on giving you guys full financial disclosure as soon as I can spend a little time online without tying up my hosts' phone line. Maybe late tonight.

Much love to you all!!!


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