Thursday, June 23, 2005

Belated Birthday Wishes AKA The Post That Died Before It Was Born (as so many seem to do) PLUS, a Bonus Blog Dream

Three Generations- May 21, 2005
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Since the subject here is birthdays (and unrelated distractions), I thought it would be appropriate to use a photo of the little woman to whom I gave birth and the woman who gave birth to me.


My two most faithful readers, pi22seven and Richard have just had birthdays and I failed to properly acknowledge that! But I did try...

The pi man had mentioned that his birthday- the BIG 4-0 -was coming up right after Father's Day. I was very proud of myself when I actually realized it on Tuesday night, and that it was still technically the 21st, so I wouldn't be late (as usual). I had posted one goofy and unrelated comment earlier that day and after my realization, went to post a second, rather elaborate one, wishing you, pi, a happy birthday, as it was not only a major mile-marker, but also the Summer Solstice, the Capricorn Full Moon and Sun's entrance into Cancer (according to web sources who watch and note such things). All on your Big Day.

Then I went on to note that being born on the 21st was just one more thing to add to the list of odd concurrances, commonalities and synchronicities we seem to have. That, and the fact that those 21sts fall on solstices and equinoxes. This reminds me that I only have three more months before I have to say 43, (which as numbers go, is still hard for me to believe, but is essentially meaningless in terms of any definition of who I am) when brave souls ask my age.

Then, I remembered that Richard's blogger profile says he's a Gemini (which means a b-day in the last 31 or so days) and I see his age has ticked up another notch. (So good of them to attend to those little programming details, lest we were to forget to change it and pretend that time stopped... anyway, he's close to us, pi, but he'll never catch us!)

I thought I had some recollection of seeing Richard's birthday noted somewhere on one of his blogs. Electronic Ephemera and The Pedantic Pundit, but these destinations are dangerous places for me. Richard posts about a squillion interesting tidbits per minute it seems, (and I love him for it), and Electronic Ephemera is filled with these little patches of quicksand. I never know when I'm going to click on one of his post links and fall into one of those holes, get lost for hours in maze of related stories, and come crawling out in a Pasolini movie (see previous post) or some other bizarre netherworld. (There are so many such stories.) But on this particular trek, my browser froze and I lost everything I had open, including the b-day comment.

I was initially going to try again to post all this in pi's comment section, but it was getting lengthy, so I figured I'd just do it all here.

So, let me just say it again, to all you birthday boys- including Kevin, who also just notched another year, (but I did manage to express my wishes in his comments without incident):

If you understood how chronically late I am, (but usually just a little, despite tremendous efforts to be otherwise) you'd realize that I'm really right on time.

Kevin, by the way, is the most recent blogger to make a guest appearance in one of my dreams. He was just hanging out and having a cocktails with a few newly acquired friends while sitting up on top of some monkey bars in the French Quarter, (New Orleans -and by bars, I mean the metal kind that you climb, not the kind usual associated with the FQ- this is a dream, remember?), as the river and lake rose, breached their levees and
began to flood the city. I saw him as I floated by on what had only moments earlier been my office in the Business Administration Building on UNO's campus, but had now turned into a luxury houseboat.

Dreams can be such fun, but now that hurricane season is here, I hope this is not some portent.


Blogger Richard said...

Thank you for the belated birthday wish, I do feel like I have collected a great group of friends out here, thank you for being part of that. And yes I did post an oblique reference to my birthday on the 28th of May. I am horrible about remembering and "doing" anything with peoples birthday, so I hope you feel no guilt for things being belated.

10:43 AM  
Blogger Deviant said...

Thank you for the happy birthday wish dahlink. This year was certainly the best birthday I've had in a while...I don't even remember what I did, but it sure was exciting

2:32 PM  
Blogger LisaPal said...

Richard, Kevin, it's my pleasure to pass along the wishes. I love you guys, and pi, too, who has been AWOL for the past few days-another proclivity he and I share, though I tend to drop out for longer periods of time.

3:07 AM  
Blogger pi22seven said...

Sorry for being AWOL, funky hours at work while I get reay for another vacation. w00T!

Thanks a bunch for the birthday wish!

I've found 40 isn't too bad, in fact I think I might end up liking it.

A funny thing, most of my co-irkers thought I was turning 34 or 35. I couldn't tell if they were pulling my leg, so I chose to take them at their word.

Oh, so I don't miss any future b-days, Happy Birtday everyone! That should cover me for a year, right?

2:54 PM  
Blogger LisaPal said...

Co-irkers. Yeah! I like that one.

2:10 AM  

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