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The (Accursed) Musical Baton Has Been Passed

Running the musical gamut...

I've been passed the Accursed (see previous post and comments) Musical Baton by pi22seven, which bestows upon me the responsibility to report the following information about my music consumption habits: (I hope you didn't think I could do this with any brevity.)


CDs: I have about 650, not counting the 1000+ Kirk Joseph CDs stored in my house, which you should check out and consider purchasing in support of this great bunch of musicians. (If Willie and I were still together, that number would be substantially higher, since we split the marital collection when we divorced.)

LPs: I have about 170 , ranging from punk (lots), funk/soul/R&B/fusion (lots), multi-flavored rock, folk-rock (Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, CSN&Y, etc.), jazz, classical, one or two comedy LPs and -okay, I admit it - a surprising amount of disco. The artist with the most vinyl in my collection: Lou Reed/Velvet Underground, a few others are very close behind.

And yes, I actually have that Partridge Family record shown above. The album was a gift given to me when I was 8 or 9, and yes, I played the hell out of it and had 8 year-old girlish fantasies of David Cassidy as my boyfriend.

As an interesting side note, on the night of my 40th birthday party, Willie (my former husband), called to wish me a happy birthday and to let me know that he'd try to come by, but it would be later because he was asked by David Cassidy to come sit in on a show Cassidy was playing at Harrah"s New Orleans Casino. Upon hearing this, I immediately regressed to the maturity level I had when I got that record and started demanding that he bring me David Cassidy for my birthday. Bring me David Cassidy, Willie! I want David Cassidy for my birthday. BRING HIM HERE! I was quite serious, a fact that could have been easily lost given that I had my hair in pigtails and was dressed in my uniform from St. Mary's Dominican High School, complete with rolled skirt, (as short as you could get away with without risking detention), rolled sleeves and saddle oxfords. You see, the theme of the party was, "Come As You Wish You Were OR Are Glad You're Not." The only things missing were the cigarettes and the ...oh, never mind. (My mother came as a nun with flaming red hair. Few could agree whether we were dressed as we wished we were or were glad we were not, though I'm sure that, during my actual teen years, my mother would have preferred to have been a childless, cloistered nun, especially after I ran away from home to see the Sex Pistols at the Kingfish in Baton Rouge, a story I will have to tell at some point.)

Oh, and Willie didn't bring me David Cassidy.

12" Singles: 11

45s: I didn't pull them out to count, but I probaably have about 30.

Casette Tapes: Around 80, many of them of live shows and demos of friends' stuff.

iPod MP3 and AAC Format: I have a paltry 187 songs on my iPod worth 12.9 hours of music and 876.6 MB of its 40 GBs. But a 14 GB block of the iPod is occupied by a bootable version of Mac OS X Panther and its accompanying applications along with 7 GBs of backed up photography. I'd have more music on it if ripping songs from my own CDs wasn't such a time-consuming pain in the ass.

Of those 187 songs contained on the Pod:
  • 20 are my Original Compositions
    • 17 are songs I wrote and recorded myself playing real instruments.
    • 2 are songs I put together on my Powerbook, while reclined in my bed, I might add, using Garage Band loops that I altered and deranged to suit my purposes. I posted a snippet of one of these before and I'll post it again. (Richard was the only one who commented on it, though I mentioned owning Torx screwdrivers in the same post and sent pi22seven into a momentary swoon.)
    • 1 is a live recording of me singing 'Round Midnight on a jazz gig in 1998. I proudly shared this before in a post on Ashlee Simpson's lip-sync blunder, (and I say proudly, because mine is really live, no sync-tracks, overdubs, etc.). But of the dozen or so regular readers I had back then, only Lasciate said anything about it, (and I wasn't quite sure how to interpret the comment). So, maybe I shouldn't have ben quite so proud about it being unvarnished. This could easily arouse my subterranean fears that I may be like one of the contestants on that horrible Warner Brothers network show who really thought they could sing and had no idea how incredibly bad they were.
  • 57 songs are by my friends and loved ones, some of whom I've also worked for or with. Two of those are former boyfriends, but still friends. (Unfortunately, Renard now joins this club.)
    • Ivan Neville (Aaron Neville's son) takes first place with 24 songs. I will add more soon. (Ivan & Lisa: 1981-1984, with intermittant break-ups. Lived together briefly in 1983.)

David Torkanowsky and Ivan Neville, Jazz Fest 1982, with Allen Toussaint's Rolls. Ivan looks like a completely different person now.
  • 32 are by Antonio Carlos Jobim, considered the Father of the Bossa Nova and one of the most influential composers of the 20th century. (The Girl From Ipanema is not one of them.)
  • 5 are by African artists.
  • 6 are by artists from India.
  • 20 are by artists whose careers began in the 60s, such as Hendrix, Sly & the Family Stone, Marvin Gaye, Donovan, Bob Dylan, the Supremes, and others.
  • As for the rest, it's an assortment of stuff from a number of genres: rock (many different kinds) with artists like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Indigo Girls, David, Bowie, Thomas Dolby, Jethro Tull, Joni Mitchell, and others, a healthy dose of soul, funk and R&B, plus a smattering of jazz and classical, middle eastern and klezmer.

I think it was Crow, by Wishing Chair, an Indigo Girls-like duo whose CD I found on CD Baby, but by coincidence, was playing at a coffee shop near my house two days later. I bought the CD on their gig.


Like he who passed me the accursed baton, I have nothing playing at the moment, but hear songs in my head all the time. In this case, every song I've written about here has played through, with Crow on right now, since I just wrote about it. So, I will do what pi22seven did: close my eyes and scroll to something at random on the Pod...... and the winner is... Bill Withers- Use Me. Oh, man- what a great song!

(All of these have some kind of special meaning to me...and I couold have added a few more.)

Lullaby- Ali Akbar Khan
Love and Affection- Joan Armatrading
Secret Separation- The Fixx
So Many Stars- Sergio Mendez and Brazil 66
The Wood S0ng- Indigo Girls

Lisa's Additions:

Jeff Beck's instrumental Blow by Blow and Led Zeppelin IV on the same day. I was 12, and it was the summer before my 13th birthday.

The Beatles- vinyl, tape, CD
Joni Mitchel- vinyl, tape, CD
The Fixx-vinyl, tape, CD
Level 42-vinyl, tape, CD
Daniel Lanois- vinyl, tape, CD (because the lable gave us all media)
Al Jarreau- vinyl, tape, CD
If I still had the 8 tracks my neighbor gave me, I could add Elton John.

PEOPLE TO WHOM I'M PASSING THE BATON: (I had to get rid of this thing! Please don't hate me.)

Raymond (Minor Wisdom)

(Cone on, Richard! We're waiting... Delays like this are expected of me, but you??? :-D


Blogger Lasciate said...

It has been a busy week, but I will get to the baton. But wow, you gave out a lot (if I didn't know you really dug music before, I'd get it now for sure)!

10:54 AM  
Blogger Richard said...

I hate doing these kinds of pass the buck writing assignments, which is why when I finally decided to do one and blogger killed it I took it as a sign. And the other thing is that since niether of my blogs are personal writing type blogs I've been reluctant to publish this there, would either you or Pi mind if I posted it in a comment?

6:48 PM  
Blogger pi22seven said...

I'd care if you didn't post it someplace.

You need to get a personal whiney blog like me though...

:swoons for lisa once again:

10:21 PM  
Blogger LisaPal said...

To Lasciate (and to everyone else who has been passed the baton): It should be clear by now that when it comes to restraint, I seem unable to demonstrate very much. it's not necessary for anyone to go to such great lengths, but I (personally) like reading the stories that explain the facts, and I guess I like telling them, too.

Richard, feel free to post it here. (I, too, was wondering about how you would work that into one of your blogs.) And I agree with pi22seven on both counts!

Now, to you, my fellow music-loving, guitar-playing, Mac- loving male counterpart (with whom I also happen to share identical quiz results in many instances), what was it that caused you to swoon this time?
My New York Dolls record and punk proclivities? That one of my first record purchases was a Jeff Beck instrumental? That I ran away to see the Sex Pistols? Or that I have a bootable OS X on the Pod?

And speaking of Pods, long, long ago, before iPods roamed the earth, Willie nicknamed me The Pod (short for Sweet Pea in the Pod) in retaliation for some of the goofy, food-related, "sweet" things I was affectionately calling him. INone of those names stuck but to this day, he still calls me Pod and never Lisa, even if we're arguing about someting. I'm so glad our divorce didn't mean the loss of the solid friendship upon which our relationship was built. Anyway, Apple's choice of name for their MP3 player pleases me so much because..... i (am) Pod. :-D

Another note- I edited the post today, noting that not one of the Jobim songs on my iPod is "The Girl From Ipanema." I love to eat cheese, but once a song becomes so popular and cliche that it becomes cheese, I lose my taste for it. I've never had a taste for that song and I hope that anyone knowing who Jobim is, knows his other, less popular works.

12:13 AM  
Blogger Deviant said...

You saw the sex pistols live? Can I touch you?

9:54 AM  
Anonymous Ray said...

Gladly the baton I'll bear. This is a serious undertaking—it'll take me a couple of days.

7:14 PM  
Anonymous ray said...

I've done my duty:

6:09 PM  
Blogger Oliver said...

I saw the Sex Pistols in Baton Rouge. I wore a knock-off Izod with a clothes pin hanging from my collar. I had an allima-gator on my shirt and the devil in my heart. But nowhere in any biography or documentary, not even in the film "Sid and Nancy" did anyone bring up my clothes pin. As soon as I work on my 4,5,6,7,8,9th steps in my slippery twelve step program, I will pick up the baton.
Gawd I miss hurricane season in Nawlins.

10:35 AM  

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