Thursday, April 28, 2005

My Mac's Better Than Your PeeCee!

ABC News: Review: Mac Os X Steps Ahead of Windows: "Despite a much smaller user base, Mac OS X has been steps ahead of Windows on key fronts since its first release in 2001. It's got more advanced and polished graphics. It's less prone to malicious attacks. And Macs look better than nearly all Windows PCs."

"....As more details come out, additional complaints of Microsoft copying Mac OS X will surely be heard."

That's right, so all you Windoze users who like to give me shit about my Mac affection by dogging my chosen platform, (and not the rest of you Windows users who silently envy me), eat this! And while you're at it, please remember that we Mac users had long been enjoying a point and click, drag and drop inerface while you guys were still typing in DOS commands.

So there!

(I may not have posted this had a student not made a crack about my Mac tonight, not that I actually care. but it sure is fun to come home and find something with which to fire right back. I owe this one to my son, Alex, who made it a point to alert me to the article.)


Blogger Richard said...

As a windozer who happens to know when you network a bunch of Macs together on a network they have just as many issues as PCs, and the security danger is less because of the smaller impact a Mac attack would have, rather than some special "perfection" Mac has, they also release many updates and patches.

There are of course pros and cons with Macs as there are with PCs.

11:07 PM  
Blogger LisaPal said...

Yeah, yeah, I know.... I just like to get my little jabs in when I can, because, believe me, there is no shortage of Mac jabs flying in this direction.

8:20 AM  
Blogger pi22seven said...

Well, you know I have chime in... I've been using Macs for years, all the way back to System 6.

Except for a dark time during the System 7 to OS 8 transition, the Mac OS has always been slightly ahead of MS's counterpart.

But it hasn't been until recently that Apple has put out a truly robust OS. Tiger seems to be a great step forward with a lot of potential.

As far as the whole the whole Mac vs PC debate goes, use what you like.

It's just a computer.

It's only a machine for getting work done.

I do think however that Mac users tend to enjoy the whole computer experience a whole lot more than Windows users. We become attached to our Macs. Some of us even give our Macs names.

As far as pros and cons go, the IT guy at the TV station I work at wishes that he had more Macs running OS X. Out of the 300 or so PCs (PC means personal computer, right?)he has to take care of, he's only had to service 1 Mac in 5 years. The XP boxes keep him running all day long.

So yeah, you know...

10:00 AM  

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