Sunday, April 03, 2005

It Might Have Been Me...

...but I just didn't think I'd ever had a qualifying tragedy.

Extreme Home Makeover came to the New Orleans area and fixed up the house of a single mother, widowed, I believe, who, like me, had completed a masters degrees at UNO, (but in a different discipline), and who, like me, had to put her PhD on hold. If she also, like me, happens to be teaching there as an adjunct and trying to live off those poverty wages, (and my college actually pays more than some of the other colleges in the university), then I will cry and cry throughout the episode because my house is FALLING TO PIECES (quite literally) as I struggle to make a living wage. Maybe I'll post the video I started to make to send to them, something that is very much out of character for me, but that I was willing to do out of sheer desperation. The video was quite entertaining, but never finished.

Some might argue that some of my choices in men prior to Renard qualify as tragedy, particularly the two that fathered my children, but I disagree. Neither are bad people. Both just have some problems that they have not yet chosen to deal with, just like the rest of us. (Unfortunately, my children bear the brunt of the pain of this, and that is a TRUE tragedy.) But I learned a lot from these guys, I'm still friends with them, and I'll continue to love them unconditionally, despite having chosen to do that from a safe distance.

Anyway, the episode with my semi-twin who lives a couple of dozen miles down the river from me will be aired tonight on ABC at 8:00pm, 7:00 PM central. They might do a bit about my university, an institution that I dearly love, even if they don't ordain me as full-time faculty this coming fall. (It's the love of UNO, my work and my students that allow me to accept my slave wages...true love.)

So, tune in tonight if you want to see what it's like in my alter-world. My next installment will expand on life here by detailing a few things about my neighborhood (and events transpiring here this weekend) that make it very unlike Mr. Rogers'.


Blogger Richard said...

It would been sooooo cooool if you had finished the tape and had gotten selected. I woulda watched.

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