Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Democrats Reach Out

They won. The rest of us lost. We are a nation divided. Sensitive democrats must reach out to breach the chasm, to foster understanding that's been lost to those who see things differently. One such person has answered the call in this open letter to the Red-State victors, compliments of The Register, a most venerable publication of the UK. (Motto: Biting the hand that feeds IT.) My thanks to Rachel's dad for passing this one on to me.

Photographic Note: I deliberately turned this rather fuzzy picture of a water droplet on its side because it reminded me of a hypodermic needle. Or, perhaps a poisoned pen. (The photo would have been a reject had it not been for the drop's unusual shape.) Once you read this article, my decision to post it here as such may seem more appropriate.


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