Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Adjunct Bloggery and Dereliction of Duty

Shame on me for this.

Last month I received an invitation from Richard (AKA The Pedantic Pundit) to contribute to a new blog he'd just started called Electronic Ephemera and I accepted. I've contributed a few posts, but Richard has really taken this blog somewhere. I meant to list it in my blog links and actually started the process but the Netscape family of browsers seem to be unfriendly, even downright hostile at times when it comes to posting. (Firefox is famous for hanging on Blogger uploads when Safari has no problem at the same given moment...but Blogger does not yet support a Safari WYSIWYG interface and I like having that option at times.) Anyway, the link is over there now.

And speaking of Adjunct Bloggery, one day I really, really will post things on my Adjunct Therapy blog, which will deal with the irks and delights of teaching as a university adjunct. I may rename it. I am also considering starting one on the irks and delights of parenting in general, though the Teenager is presenting more of a challenge, but really I am not complaining. He's the most awesome young human being I know - smart, sensible, and he has never been in any kind trouble. It's just the battle of wills that's so taxing. Opinions, please. Think I should start this one?

Please, check out Electronic Ephemera! Richard is so diligent and ceaselessly finds amazing pieces of this and that from all over, not just on the aforementioned blog, but also on his Pedantic Pundit blog. So, mosey on over and check things out!


Blogger Richard said...

As I've said before, no shame laid here, post when and however much you can. AND, thank you sooo much for the nice things you've said, it means alot. I think you maybe the only person that reads my blog, so it's nice to hear you like what I'm trying to do. So, feel free to post or invite others at Ephemera.

11:01 PM  
Blogger LisaPal said...

I've got more great things to say about your blogabilities. Your blogs truly are the info-junkies dream come true. All those sites you find deliver things that feed my curiosity, my amusement, my sense of purpose, and my need for academic reference materials for my kids and for my marketing classes. One day I'm going to do a bunch of endorsement posts for all the bloggers and blogs that I read. One day. Right now I'm so consumed with thoughts about what to do about the predicament now facing this country that I can hardly focus on anything else.

4:25 AM  
Blogger Richard said...

Oh and I should have mentioned, I think it's great if you want to start a blog on parenting. A fertile topic that I know I would love to hear from you about! I am curious as to why you wouldn't post those comments at the Garden?

7:17 PM  

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