Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Thanks, Ashlee

Authentic musicians the world over had a good laugh this weekend when out of synch vocal track caught Ashlee Simpson of guard, exposing her talent charade. Eric saw the show and wrote this post about it amlost immediately. I looked for a clip, but found none. It was too soon, but today, thanks to pi22seven, (known on my blog list as My Mac and Music Brother From Another Planet), we have the video clip, and he'd right...it's pretty ugly.

Ashlee blamed the band for the gaffe, and it's clear that the band did begin playing the same song it had already performed. This is attributed to someone cueing the wrong backing track. (Simpson et. al., are blaming the drummer.) But no one denied the lip-synching, which is the real issue. Daddy Simpson apparently attributed the need for lip-synching to swollen vocal cords, the result of Ashlee's acid reflux disease. He swears she's never done it before. I doubt the veracity of that, given the accounts I've read of her live shows.

In any event, if you want to get the biggest bang for your in terms of laughter, check out this clip, which I found on Kevin's site.

And if pure brutality turns you on, (or if you're an honestly talented musician struggling to make a living and need a little satisfaction), check out the venom spewing forth in the forums of Ashlee's Official Web Site. How big of her (and Geffen Records) not to delete them as soon as they appear.

All this has got me feeling so good enough about myself that I'm going to do something that does not come easily: I'm going to post a link to an MP3 of myself singing. This song is from a live jazz gig in 1998 at The Howlin' Wolf, right here in New Orleans. At the time I was gigging with bassist Marvin Williams, who, last I heard, was touring with Patti LaBelle. The song is 'Round Midnight and is done in tribute to my vocal idol, Ella Fitzgerald, meaning that I sing it very similarly to the way she did, particularly the ending... and there's a short pause before this featured ending, so if you don't hear any audience sounds, it's not over.

(The above picture is from 2002, not the Howln' Wolf gig.)

You can download or stream the song (your choice) on this page. It's live, up-close and in person, no studio edits, no second, third, fourth takes, no nuttin! Way back in 1998, free MP3 encoders were hard to find (so were MP3s), so I used a demo encoder which stamped its audio brand on the front end. Sorry. I will also apologize for what I feel is a way-too-long bass solo, but what can I say? It was the bass player's gig.

By the way, the site for that link is something I started a long time ago with the best of intentions and then abandoned. It was going to be a personal and business thing, but... well, you know how it goes sometimes. Too many other demands. If you should decide to poke around over there, be prepared for many empty pages and broken links.


Blogger Eric said...

Hey Lisa - I found it interesting how, after being caught lip synching, at the end of SNL, she said "My band started playing the wrong song, so I just kinda did a hoe down". Then, the next day, Geffen Records said "The drummer was supposed to start some electronic percussion, but a recording of "piece of me" came on instead". Then Monday, the story changed again, this time it was that her acid-reflux disease started acting up and she totally lost her voice at 6pm before the show. Funny that she didn't remember this right after the damn show. Also funny that someone could lose their voice only momentarily from acid reflux, since the only way I can see it happening is for the acid to eat away your throat... anyhow...
Certainly not a big issue by itself, but it is just an example of how much the media rewrites history everyday to protect corporate interests. And it was funny as hell in a time of little to laugh at..

3:12 PM  
Blogger Lasciate said...

Hmmm...you know, if I were sitting someplace with live music, I'd certainly dig the ambiance. Nice of you to share this, Lisa :)

8:21 AM  

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