Sunday, October 03, 2004

New Blog on the Block

I am so very happy to add a new link to my blog list today. Joining us here in the blogosphere is my friend and former student, Eric Johanson and his blog, Think Responsibly. He has another in the works, named for one of his music projects, Empty Self. I look forward to seeing both of these blogs unfold.

Eric is an incredibly gifted musician and songwriter with a lot to say, musically and otherwise. Please take a moment to visit his blog. (I told him you would!)

Also, you should check out some of Eric's music. I just checked a link where two songs from the Empty Self project were available for download and it wasn't working properly. So, for a limited time, I'm going to make them available here via one of my servers (until the point at which I run out of my allowed bandwidth) while Eric checks on the situation at the other site.

I highly recommend this music! Eric brought the first song, "Can Open Up Reveal To None Except You" to me just after the fall semester began last year, when he was a student in my Music Marketing class. I was instantly hooked, drawn into the acoustic guitar's journey from anticipation to relief, like longing and satisfaction, a held breath and long ecstatic sigh. The rhythm instruments join in and Eric's lyrics tell of something that most of us have probably experienced at some point in our lives. There is so much feeling in this song, even without the lyrics you can sense a story. But don't get the idea that this is some kind of sappy love song. It's not. Not at all. No sap. I haven't heard anything I've liked this much in forever.

A few months later, he delivered to me the five-song Empty Self EP, a hauntingly beautiful completion of the journey that began with that first. As impressed as I am with the fact that he's written such great songs, played all the instruments, recorded, mixed and mastered the project himself in so short a period of time, I'm just as impressed with the quality of the recording. (But bear in mind that the MP3 available for download may not reflect the quality of the CD. I didn't encode these and so I don't know the bit rate, etc.)

So, here is the first song. It will download directly from the link. You can download the second song, The Open Landscape directly here. If you like these, please do me a favor and consider buying the EP. And please spread the word. We need to support independent musicians, especially the truly talented ones like Eric. (And that means no unauthorized duplication either!) He needs to make his living off of what he does best and, believe me, he was born to do what he's doing. And making a living off of music is no easy accomplishment. If you doubt me, I'll punish you with a zillion facts and stories proving I'm right!!!


Now, if you like intelligent progressive rock, you should check out music from Eric's previous project, Cire, at CD Baby, which describes the music as follows:
Cire is guitar-driven, intelligent rock combining the odd rhythms of Tool, the soulful improvisation of Gov't Mule, and the hi-fi production of Nine Inch Nails. The contemplative vocals of creator Eric Johanson often explore philosophical and scientific worldviews stemming from his interest in evolutionary psychology and liberal politics. Cire has recently released its second CD, Adrenological.

This is the first of what will be many blog endorsements to come for all you neat-o posters out there that I love. I hope you like the music. And don't forget to check out his blogs.



Blogger Lasciate said...

Very cool.

And yes, he does seem to be a savvy thinker. Respectable. Thanks for the intro, Lisa.

9:47 PM  
Blogger LisaPal said...

My immense pleasure!

1:10 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

thanks so much for the mention, lisa. just to let you and anyone else know, 2 of the emptyself songs are now available right on, without going to another page. thanks for temporarily hosting a song (feel free to continue doing so if you want.)

5:06 PM  

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