Saturday, October 23, 2004

Life in an Alternate Reality: The World According to a Bush Voter

AlterNet: War on Iraq: The World According to a Bush Voter
You may have found this link in the comments of my previous post, produced by fellow blogger Lasciate, to whom I am most grateful. It is indeed a mind-boggling article to those of us who value our reasoning faculties.

If you're voting for Bush, you might want to see if you agree with these Bush supporters and their perceptions. But you should be cautioned: you will have to face the reality that the rest of us inhabit. Whether you embrace it or not depends on your own ability to reason.


Blogger Eric said...

That was a truly great article. I am trying to think of a way to print up some iraqi war photos in a pamphlet with a BUSH/CHENEY "Thanks for your support" logo, and put it in the mailbox of their supporters. I really think we have got to figure out a way to learn a lesson from the pro-choice protesters many of us have seen on campuses. They are always police protected, and they even bring out little kids to hold up fabricated pics of aborted fetuses.

Right now, this country is suffering from a lack of reality, and as much as I hate blood and gore, I think people need to understand what it means to fight a nations people for nothing. People need to be shown these children that are so blown up you cant even tell what part you're looking at. And they need to be shown it alongside the now-proven facts that Iraq was never a threat, never had WMD, and was not connected to 9/11 in any way.

This is a sick time we're living in when the media is not even giving people ANY of the downsides to a totally unjust war. We've got to step up and bring some reality back to the situation, and I'm looking for help and ideas to do it. We might not be able to help the election, but we need to force this country into seeing what we are doing 6,000 miles away.

BTW - Emptyself has released a special election-week web exclusive download of a "b-side" named "Occupation." Visit to download.

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