Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Because I'm Kind Of Busy and I've Really Got Nothing Better to Say Right Now

I suppose everyone has their bellies full of politics, and as tempting as it may be for me to venture into the subject, I will restrain myself to just this one thing. Remember how I said in my birthday post that I thought everyone looks younger than they really are? Well, I amend that now so that it applies to everyone but Dick Cheney. At 63, he's 12 years older than John Edwards, but he looks like the gap is more like 25 years. Maybe a lifetime of scowling will do that to you. That's as political as I get tonight. Besides, there are so many folks out there doing the job so well, what could I possibly contribute of any value, especially when I still have Barbie pictures begging to be displayed?

So, here are tonight's winners:

The "I Married a Successful New York Plastic Surgeon" Barbie.

The "I'm Going To Be On The Apprentice" Barbie.

Now it's your turn. Name 'em, give 'em stories, caption the pictures, do what'cha wanna! You know we need a much larger daily dose of comic relief in these trying times. So, do your part! Give it a shot.

And hurry, because you know it's only a matter of time before I get a nasty Cease and Desist notice from Barbie's progenitor...


Blogger Richard said...

I'm having great fun with this Barbie naming game, I ought to come up with a good game for my site (what am I saying, your the only one who reads my site anyways).

1. Mrs. Junior League Barbie
2. Miss "Don't worry Daddy I'll land an investment banker" Barbie (Or the "Daddy you can spend the rest of my college tuition on my wedding" Barbie)

1:48 PM  
Blogger more or less like you said...

oh, the asian barbie scared me...with her skirts twice as short as the original blonde barbie...reminded me of a that is what they want little kids to grow up to be...

8:34 PM  

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