Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Selective Powers of Observation (in Multiples of 4)

I live in a house with 12 foot ceilings. The top edges of the doors are 8 feet high. I have a 16 year-old son who somehow neglects to notice notes I leave for him written in bold black marker on full-sized sheets of paper placed in places he must step, like the landing on the way down the stairs from his bedroom. Yet, this very same boy spotted a bug with a body less than a centimeter long (albeit orange) on the dusty top edge of my bedroom door, 8 feet above floor, which is more than 2 feet above his head, (which is at least a factor of 4, if not a multiple.)

Allow me to introduce him. Meet The Assassin. He's waving hello.

He most probably rode into town on one of the plants I dragged in from the balcony in anticipation of huricane Ivan.
I swept him into a casette tape case and took him outside to photograph.

It was challenging. I put him in a box of glossy inkjet paper and he was a fast mover. He tried to escape many times. (He's still wearing some of my house dust.)

I did manage to get one decent shot of him while he was in the box. But i was so limited in terms of angles and he was so fast that I returned to my encased portraiture approach. His hairy legs hold my house dust pretty well.

I think he's perfect for a starring role in a cartoon. He's got so much character when he's up on those threaddy rear legs with forward legs waving like arms, giving us a full, frontal view of that proboscis and those serious, wide-set eyes. He's rather adorable in this stance, though I find him somewhat disgusting in his profile portrait with his nasty, roach-colored vestigial wings seen in relief on his back.

He was not happy about his confinement in the tape case. Rachel claimed to hear a tiny, barely audible voice cry, "Help! Get me outta here!" as I was taking this photo.

I spent way too much time online trying to identify him and after much effort, I succeeded. Meet the Thread-legged Assassin Bug. His happy face is a nice departure from the heaviness of the last posts. And my son will never be able to get away with missing one of my notes again.


Blogger Richard said...

Iky yucky... I hate bugs!!

4:30 PM  
Blogger more or less like you said...

thank you for showing the beauty in nature around us. i myself have once dreamed about becoming an entymologist because the universe of insects is so much more arcane and misunderstood than the animal kingdom. your post protrayed the beauty and fascination of the assassin and for that i am grateful.

7:58 PM  
Blogger LisaPal said...

Bugs don't bug me too much, with three exceptions: roaches, with the flyers ranked as most thoroughly abhorrent, followed by mosquitos, then flies. I leave the rest alone when they're on their own turf and do my best to escort any household intruders back outside, with the exception of household spiders. I rescue them when they show up in the sink or tub but I let them stay inside.

But roaches, mosquitos and flies MUST DIE!

10:43 PM  

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