Friday, September 10, 2004

The Chancellor's Socks

The Chancellor's Socks
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Today, the University of New Orleans (my employer) inaugurated its 5th Chancellor, Dr. Tim Ryan. He was my boss's boss when he was Dean of the College of Business Administration and now he's the boss of all bosses.

In honor of this momentous occasion, (and because I've been inclined to read more than to write), I give you this photograph of our fearless leader's groovy socks, which I snapped when I happened upon him at the opening of UNO's Ogden Museum of Southern Art (a Smithsonian Affiliate) last year.

I could interpret these socks in more than one way, (ever seen the men's clothing in a Talbot's catalog circa 1980?), but regardless, I think his spunky, funky choice bodes well for my beloved university.

Here's to you, Tim! Long may you ride!


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