Saturday, August 28, 2004

Uptown Saturday Night

I'm long on blog promises and short on delivery. Got lost last night reading other people's blogs and didn't write any more. Got tied up today with household business and the trying nature of my adorable but sometimes incredibly difficult just-turned-eight-years-old daughter. I know I was not an easy child, but I was nothing like she is. This statement is not a self-concept preservation tactic but a simple fact, according to the witnesses of my childhood days. She's wrung me out. I'm dropping her off at Granny's for the night (along with her 16 year old brother) so I can spend the rest of the evening doing things I want to do.

First on my agenda is to do some tracking in my little neat-o-home-studio. Too many unfinished songs. I'm always inspired at the beginning of any semester when I teach music marketing and have great intentions to get things in some form that I can share without a dozen disclaimers.

The bass track isn't right.... The D string is out of tune from the 5th fret up. This bass still has intonation problems, despite my many efforts at remedying them.... I had a cold the day I did that vocal track... Oh, the mix is terrible on this. I'm still working on it... I still don't have lyrics except on the chorus for this one and I'm just noodling around.

I understand that I am not the only one afflicted with this disease of not feeling one's music has reached a state where it's worthy of the scrutiny of the masses. My love-man-and-ultimate-partner (that's a cell phone picture of us below) has been working for almost two years on his solo CD. Working solo, as well. He is an amazing guitar player who also plays trombone and percussion as well as some bass, drums, trumpet, and enough keyboards to do what he needs to in the studio. So he's doing everything himself, including engineering, in his studio which is the real thing, unlike mine. He used to operate it commercially several years ago. Now he spends countless hours there trying to perfect everything. He's got guest vocalists (including me in a few background spots) and a sax player on it, but everything else is him. We're all waiting for the day when he decides it's good enough to be finished. Pray for him.

I haven't been working on my own music for a while because I haven't really had the inspiration. I'm feeling a bit of it now, but I work better when I am alone and when I have the free time. I have the kids around more often than not.

So, I'm off to drop them at Granny's. Then maybe I'll work on some music before Renard gets here for our Saturday Night Scrabble and Love Fest. He wants to spend some extra time in the studio, so that will give me a little extra time to actually work on my songs. Afterwards, we might even squeeze in a 1:00AM trip to Super Walmart tonight to slow-drag in the liquor aisle and play with the ponies-on-a stick. This is what jaded New Orleans musician-couples do on an off Saturday night. Okay. So it's really only Renard who rides the toy pony, doing a most enviable impression of those Calvary guys from obscure Louisiana towns who parade their horses in awkward sidestepping trots through Mardi Gras parade routes.

God, we have so much fun together!

Don't expect me back for the next 36 hours...


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