Sunday, August 01, 2004

Recent Irks and Delights

Irk: Grading, grading, grading.
Delight: Being finished with grading.

Irk: Typing.
Irk: Browswer suddenly quitting after I had just typed a long blog entry without having saved it. (I know, I know. There are many ways around this.)
Irk: Trying to remember HTML tags when I haven't published a web page using anything but Dreamweaver's WYSIWYG interface in years.

Delight: Four guilt-free days of post-semester decompression spent doing little or nothing productive.
Delight: Sleeping more than four hours a night. (Although I admit that my body has become so accustomed to the short shift that I actually feel better with less sleep than more.)
Delight: Discovering that Netscape for Mac supports WYSIWYG blogging, so I don't have to remember those HTML tags for formatting, linking and inserting pictures. This means I'll be more likely than not get on with my blogging pursuits. But I think I'll take a nap first.


Blogger Oliver said...

Lisa--I use photobucket to post photos at blogger. Just copy the tags as the links. If you're going to install a counter/tracker, I suggest CQ--it has a direct link to Who Is. Also, I highly recommend a gmail account--an option at this point for bloggers. 10 gigs of storage--unbelievably convenient.

I play in a band with a UNO geology graduate from Mid-City who works for Chevron--those guys make a fortune--and no papers to grade.

4:19 PM  
Blogger LisaPal said...

Got links?

How do I find these resources?

4:20 AM  

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