Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Rachel's Audio Blog About How Ken Dumped Barbie for Bob the Builder

This relates to the audio blog which should follow.

Rachel and I were in the bathtub tonight when she began to regale me with this wacky story about how Ken dumped Barbie for Bob the Builder. Her bathtub version was much longer and more involved and had moments where Bob the Builder picked his nose and stuck the buggers in his hair as ornaments. In the original version, Ken really bought the dress for Bob the Builder from Sam's for $1.99. She says she hates the way she sounds in the blog because she is using her "boy voice" at times.

She's in bed next to me right now and, out of nowhere, just told me that she was in the army when she died. I asked her what that was about and she said that it was before she was born, and she was a boy. She also thinks she was a weird looking boy. She covered her head and with the sheets and said it was what she looked like before they out her in the tomb. She also said they put her faced down because people might look at her and cry and cry and get tears all over the floor. She said she died in her sleep and she was not in any war, even though she was in the army.

She just told me that she wasn't sure if any of it was true and that she started making it up after I asked what the remark was all about.

I said before that she can be difficult and that is true. But she is wonderful the rest of the time. And thoroughly entertaining.


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