Saturday, July 24, 2004

Ooops, You Did It Again! See What You Started, Mr. Oliver?

As blogs go, this is my deflowering. And as its been said, the first time is always memorable, but not necessarily great.
Here we go...
As if I didn't already have enough of a problem. Now, blogs.

I've known about them for quite some time but managed to resist the temptation to get involved, given my enduring state of life-chaos. Until the day I did something I occasionally do for my own amusement. I did a Google search on my name to see what all the other Lisa Palumbos who somehow managed to get their names on a web page were doing to maintain our cyber-ethos. (Curiously, musical and educational proclivities have afflicted more than just me.) There are three bona fide sources where the LP results are actually references to me: UNO Marketing Department Faculty Page, I interviewed my client/friend Sherman before his show, and my own web site. That's how it always was until one day a few weeks ago when a new entry popped up and it was not one of the other LPs, but indeed, me.

It was one of those moments of ecstasy that occurs when you discover that another human being actually thinks enough of you to mention you by name on a published web page. You're not there because you do some kind of work for someone else or because you cleverly populated all of your own web pages with meta tags and other references to yourself. (I didn't do that on my pages- Google picked up the copyright notices.)

I jumped to the link to see what this was about, and lo, I find via blog that my old pal and musicaliterary cohort David Oliver has once again chosen to be Saudimized in the Middle East.

Here are the archives containing the posting. Read March 28th... Saudimized Archive

On March 28, 2004 in his blog, David referenced these fun little gigs that we used to do way back when as well as my linkage to his hero, Rolling Stone Keith (or Keef, as David prefers) Richards. I allowed myself to bask in a momentary feeling of self-importance, something in which I work hard not to indulge, then began to explore his blog and worry because it seemed he was perhaps in Bahrain or looking to move there and I had just heard that they were evacuating American military families. (Or something like that.) David is no stranger to these strange lands and I sensed nothing in his posts resembling discomfort with his situation, so I relaxed and explored further. I enjoyed reading his Blog and appreciated seeing the view through his window, so to speak.

I've been going back and reading David's Blog every few days since. The mother duck in me gets some comfort knowing what's going on and that my friend is okay in that far away place that so few of us understand. I've perused some of the blogs he reads as well and find them all so interesting. So much so, in fact, that I am a little worried about getting sucked into the familiar internet time warp that eats up my hours whenever I find good reading material. And these are rich. Real people, real thoughts, real experiences, well written. Too tempting.

So, Blog-value has really hit home and now I have become a convert for more than one reason. I am wretched when it comes to staying in touch with my far-away (and even near-by) friends and I believe there is a tremendous value in journaling. This concept allows me to serve both purposes in a more interesting and creative way. It's kind of like a writers dream.

Well, It's past 5:00 AM and I can't ever count on how late my children will allow me to sleep, so I will end this now, though I have much more to say about Mr. Oliver and his pivotal role in the watershed of my creative life. (Hence the title of this post.)

So, stay tuned. There is definitely more to come....